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Professional sand casting foundry works of Aluminum alloy

Professional sand casting foundry works of Aluminum alloy

Aluminum Sand Casting Customized


With the most advanced and complete facilities in manufacturing Air Ring for blown film extrusion, we work from Air ring Design, Aluminum sand foundry, CNC machining to finishing and assembly, we are the only manufacturer in Taiwan of making air ring 100% at our own house.

Aluminum sand casting mold dimensional checking
Aluminum sand casting mold dimensional checking

Except the soft sand casting, the Aluminum foundry also adopted Furan resin hard sand molding. The working object can be reached 3200mm diameter. Therefore, Aluminum casting foundry accepted various OEM works including Air Ring, Machine parts, Marine parts, Agriculture machine parts, Robots parts, Textile machine parts, Auto parts, Hydraulic parts and etc.

Moreover, owing to yearly working experience and excellent know how, Chou Yii is able to accept for CNC machining works of OEM. She developed also Die Head and Industrial parts working capacity in this field.

From giant size object to small size items, we have the alternative facilities available to meet clients need of different demands. Manually operation of sand casting is to work for large pieces such as Robot parts and giant air ring of land film; and Automatic operation sand casting items such as, hydraulic parts, small cases housing and etc. The automatic sand casting operation works rapidly that is suitable for high production volume requirement. In case of small objects working under the automatic operation sand casting, the very fine surface of each object can be done without finishing again.

  • Customized object from small to giant size
  • Fine surface treatment, glossy and flatness
  • Skillful pre-treatment of Aluminum alloy allowing sand casting works more durable and high strength
  • By Furan resin and soft sand casting tools
  • Giant size objects such as: agricultural film air ring up to 3200mm o.d.; other object such as robot arm, industrial machine parts and marine parts
  • Small size objects such as: conduit outlet boxes, cast device box, explosion proof outlet box, conduit fitting, housings...
Overview of CY Aluminum Foundry
Large space for working all sorts of OEM and Air Ring aluminum casting.
Complete facility to work with foundry need.
Automatic sand mold machine - For volume production castings.
Automatic mold preparation with different designs of parts.
Furan resin sand casting of aluminum alloy
Hard case tooling of Furan resin sand casting
Good design and control for excellent sand casting objects.
Small parts of sand casting objects with very fine surface and quality.
Sand Casting Aluminum surface better than iron forging works.
Small objects, cases of the fine and neat foundry works.
Small objects - Excellent surface working.
Small casting pieces - Excellent surface working.
Giant pieces of robot parts - Precision works for robot parts.
Quick response to market demand with high capacity work-out.
Initial foundry work pieces of air rings
Giant air ring can be made especially for those land film purpose.
Giant air ring preparing - Excellent works for giant air ring.
Aluminum sand casting Works

Aluminum Sand Casting Customized | An air ring and die head manufacturer from Taiwan since 2009 | Chuo Yii Enterprise Co.

Based in Taiwan since 2009, Chuo Yii Enterprise Co. is an air ring and die head manufacturer. Main products, including Packaging Film Dual-Lip Air Ring, Exits Adjustable Type, General Dual-Lip Air Ring and Die Head, etc. C.Y.'s Air Rings are designed for up to 7-layer blown film extrusion line. Air ring for thickness and output control film, low gauge variation, fast cooling and bubble stability, as well as adjustable for dual lip exits, adjusted handles or 360 degree circle nut turning.

Chuo Yii has more than 20 years experience in aluminum casting, and specialized in all kinds of blown film air ring design, processing and manufacturing. The main products are double air duct, high flat film air ring, high and low pressure polyethylene blown film air ring, single and multi-layer die, aluminum alloy sand casting commissioned processing, blown film core components.

C.Y. has been offering customers high-quality air ring and die head since 2009, both with advanced technology and 20 years of experience, C.Y. ensures each customer's demands are met.