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Extruders Accessories - More equipments to help blown film successfully.

Extruders Accessories

Except air ring and die head, we also manufacture following equipments of importance; they are: 1. Rotary...

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Blown film air ring, die and blown film machine parts manufacturer | Chuo Yii Enterprise Co.

Based in Taiwan since 2009, Chuo Yii Enterprise Co. has been an air ring and die head manufacturer. Main products, including Packaging Film Dual-Lip Air Ring, Exits Adjustable Type, General Dual-Lip Air Ring and Die Head, etc. C.Y.'s Air Rings are designed for up to 7-layer blown film extrusion line. Air ring for thickness and output control film, low gauge variation, fast cooling and bubble stability, as well as adjustable for dual lip exits, adjusted handles or 360 degree circle nut turning.

We are a professional maker of the advanced Air Ring with good Venturi & Coanda effect for blown bubble film extrusion. From Air ring design, Aluminum casting, lathing, assembly, testing to packaging, we monitor each step 100% in-house.

C.Y. has been offering customers high-quality air ring and die head since 2009, both with advanced technology and 20 years of experience, C.Y. ensures each customer's demands are met.