LDPE LLDPE Hi-Lo B.U.R. Air Ring

Top Handle Adjustable Air Ring / We have consolidated the blown film key knowledge and techniques which enable us to settle most of the customer's problem from each blown film issue.

LDPE LLDPE Hi-Lo B.U.R. Air Ring


Top Handle Adjustable Air Ring

Top handle design for lower and upper exits adjustable.
Top handle design for lower and upper exits adjustable.
High cooling capacity and suitable for over range B.U.R. - smaller or larger
High cooling capacity and suitable for over range B.U.R. - smaller or larger

Dual orifices adjustable air ring, CYG-7L has top handles for upper and lower exits adjustment. The operator is able to reach his set up easily. Moreover, the suitability of wide range of B.U.R. for smaller and larger blown film makes this air ring valuable to those who desire to use one air ring while for different sizes of blown film width.


  • Particular design of the exits adjusting handles at the top position.
  • For thin and thick film, LDPE / LLDPE / MDPE single or multi-layer blown film.
  • Wider B.U.R. range for smaller and larger film width.
  • For packaging film, lamination film, even surface for printing.
  • Low gauge variation, bubble stability, low frost line, high production.
  • Big air chamber of large volume cooling air to sustain initial molten bubble up quickly, particularly fit for LLDPE thick film.

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    Super fast air ring for thick film, packaging film, low variation film thickness requirement can be found his satisfaction from AREO-2 dual lips air ring. This air ring is suitable for thick film more than 100 microns, especially for LLDPE / MLLDPE single or multi-layer blown film.Owing to the larger air chamber and exit shape, the output cooling air is powerful enough to sustain initial molten to be cooled down quickly; therefore, bubble can be continually blown up stably and quickly.Design of Venturi principle and Fluid Mechanics considering, AREO-2 Air Ring has fast speed and excellent stability for blown film extrusion. In most of the case of LLDPE more than 50% and thick film, AREO-2 is the best choice.

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LDPE LLDPE Hi-Lo B.U.R. Air Ring Expert for your Blown Film Extrusion - C.Y.

Located in Taiwan, Chuo Yii Enterprise Co. sells LDPE LLDPE Hi-Lo B.U.R. Air Ring (main core of blown film machinery) in over 45 countries since 2009.

C.Y.'s Air Rings are designed for up to 7-layer blown film extrusion line. Air ring for thickness and output control film, low gauge variation, fast cooling and bubble stability, as well as adjustable for dual lip exits, adjusted handles or 360 degree circle nut turning.

Top quality alloy steel made Die Heads are available for up to 4 color stripes, 7 layers blown film line along with reliable sourced materials such as HDPE / LDPE / LLDPE / MDPE / PP / PVC / PA / PLA.

C.Y. has been offering customers high quality air rings and die heads in Foundry Industry. Both with advanced technology and 20 years of experience, C.Y. makes sure each customer's demands are met.

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