How to Inquire Air Ring & Die Head

How to Inquire Air Ring & Die Head

What information we need to know?

Our air ring and die head will be designed and manufactured according to your specification and requirement. We need to know your sepcification of blown film extruder as under:

Please tell us

  • Die lip size (mm) :
  • Single layer or multi-layer :
  • Material to apply: LDPE, LLDPE, mLLDPE or HDPE, and their percentage (%) :
  • Film flat width, minimum ~ maximum (mm) :
  • Film thickness, minimum ~ maximum (micron) :
  • Rotary or stationary type :
  • Film to apply (ex: shrinkage film, shopping bag or agriculture film) :
  • Output quantity (kg/hr) :
  • Screw diameter and numbers (pcs.*mm) :

What is the suitable Blow-Up Ratio(B.U.R.)?

The Suitable B.U.R. of LDPE & LLDPE ≒ 2 ~ 3;
The Suitable B.U.R. of HDPE ≒ 6 ~ 8

B.U.R. Calculations:
B.U.R. = [Lay Flat Film Width] * 2 ÷ π ÷ [Die Lip Diameter Size]
B.U.R. = [Bubble Diameter Size] ÷ [Die Lip Diameter Size]
※ π(pi)≒3.1416

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C.Y. How to Inquire Air Ring & Die Head Introduction

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