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  • Dual-Lip Air Ring - Packaging Film Type
    Air Rings for thickness and output control Film - low gauge variation, fast cooling and bubble stability

    Mono / Multi Layer LD / LLD / HDPE applied for Beverage pack film, food package film, lamination film, barrier film, stretch wrap film, shrink film, agriculture film and heavy duty film.

  • Dual-Lip Air Ring - Exits Adjustable Type
    Air Rings adjustable for dual lip exits - adjusted handles or 360 degree circle nuts tuning

    In operation of blown film, some minor adjustment can be retrofitted by these mechanism of adjusting exits sizes both lower lip and upper lip; or even of 360 degree circle of adjusting exits.

  • Dual-Lip Air Ring - General Type
    Air Rings for Grocery Bags, Shopping Bags, Green House Film

    Air Rings Dual lips, for grocery bags, shopping bags, heavy duty film, green house film, agriculture film and land film (up to film width 6000mm and above).

  • Die Head
    Die Heads for Blown Film, Single To Multi Layers And Multi Colors

    The best choice and treatment of alloy steel, manufactured under the strict QC control; and machine test, each die head delivered from here has always been kept high performance, top quality and assurance to our customer. Die Heads Are: HDPE / LDPE / LLDPE / MDPE / PP / PVC / PA / PLA , from 1 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 to 7 layers; also color stripes film of 2 & 4 colors.

  • Extruders Accessories
    IBC, Rotary Device, Stabilizing Ring, Central Column and Screen Changers

    Except air ring and die head, we also manufacture following equipments of importance; they are: 1. Rotary Mechanism (single layer or twin layers) 2. IBC tubing set 3. Stabilizing Frame 4. Central Column 5. Screen Changers 6. Long efficiency Filter 7. Static Mixer; all of these are necessary to blown film extrusion operation 8. Heat sealing knife (copper alloy)

Result 1 - 5 of 5

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Air Ring | Die Heads Expert for your Blown Film Extrusion - C.Y.

Located in Taiwan, Chuo Yii Enterprise Co. sells air ring and die head in over 45 countries since 2009.

C.Y.'s Air Rings are designed for up to 7-layer blown film extrusion line. Air ring for thickness and output control film, low gauge variation, fast cooling and bubble stability, as well as adjustable for dual lip exits, adjusted handles or 360 degree circle nut turning.

Top quality alloy steel made Die Heads are available for up to 4 color stripes, 7 layers blown film line along with reliable sourced materials such as HDPE / LDPE / LLDPE / MDPE / PP / PVC / PA / PLA.

C.Y. has been offering customers high quality air rings and die heads in Foundry Industry. Both with advanced technology and 20 years of experience, C.Y. makes sure each customer's demands are met.

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